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my passion for (and slight obsession with) career planning, development, and management grew shortly after joining a quant hedge fund as a recruiter one year after graduating from duke with a BA in english. as part of an organization embarking upon what’s now approaching a decade of immense growth, i recruited, sourced, interviewed and hired nearly 100 employees into our business development, finance & accounting, administrative support, office services, and legal & compliance teams, among many others.

becoming a recruiter made me a resume hawk (that 6-10sec stuff is REAL, folks!) and completely changed the way i approached the job search, and i immediately began sharing the valuable info i was gathering across my networks and social media, and with pretty much anyone who would listen to me. active candidates with active searches who were eager to build a relationship with me as a recruiter AND A PERSON and with my company throughout the recruiting process were consistently outperforming passive candidates who may have submitted hundreds of applications that week or month, hoping to be selected by busy recruiters and hiring managers.

with a desire to use my recruiting experience to coach undergrads, i returned to school and earned my MSEd in higher education at penn's graduate school of education. but within a year, i once again found myself in a recruiting role! this time with a nonprofit org dedicated to empowering a new generation of diverse leaders. in my role, i coached black & brown professionals, helping them find clarity in their career goals & interests, providing guidance on resumes & cover letters and interviews, and most importantly, working directly with recruiters at Deloitte, Facebook, Google, Major League Soccer, GiveWell, The College Board, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and a growing list of other partner companies.

i learned the ins and outs of each role they were hiring for -- the required and preferred qualifications that are publicly shared on their websites and the things they don’t share, but are definitely looking for, and used those key details to source and present stellar candidates of color. once again, i had access to insider info, but now it was perfectly aligned with one of my very own professional goals: demystifying recruiting and the job search process for candidates of color and supporting these professionals as they set themselves up for success in the job market.

i’m currently a recruitment program manager, crafting high-touch programmatic recruiting experiences for black & brown professionals. every one of my days is filled with recruiters and hiring managers, interviews, resumes, cover letters, solidifying or scrapping career interests & goals, and presenting on job search strategies and tools. aka all the things i love to read about, learn about, and talk about.

in january 2016, double m coaching was born from a desire to use my recruiting knowledge to support and guide black & brown candidates and employees through their unique career paths, and chase the high of helping people find roles that will allow them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

within the past two years via resume, cover letter, and linkedin services and 1:1 coaching, i've helped hundreds of clients find clarity on their next professional step, learn how to successfully market their talents & strengths, and develop effective, targeted job search strategies to land their dream roles, and have found my joy in the process!

relator.  learner.  deliberative.  intellection.  maximizer.