5 must-visit websites for your job search

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Sometimes, it feels like one of the hardest parts about finding a new job is actually FINDING job opportunities to apply for. As a former recruiter, I’m all about applying for jobs directly on company websites, as they’re generally one of the top 3 places internal recruiters and hiring managers look when searching for and evaluating candidates.

Howeverrrrr, I do browse a number of different websites on a daily basis to check out new roles for myself, friends, family, students, and clients. Here are the top 5 websites I visit!

The staple -- LINKEDIN

LinkedIn is my FIRST stop when I’m preparing for an upcoming job search, looking for potential new professional contacts, or just browsing job opportunities at dream companies. With my LinkedIn Premium account, I’m able to see the top 10 skills required for success in each role, as well as how competitive of a candidate I am compared to others in the applicant pool. You can now apply for most roles directly via LinkedIn, which makes your job search so much easier! While you can obviously identify job opportunities and progress through recruiting processes without using LinkedIn, as a candidate, it helps to be where employers are, and employers are on LinkedIn.

The library -- THE MUSE

If I’m looking for career-related articles or discussion boards as well as new job opportunities at my companies of interest, I head straight for The Muse. On their website, you can browse traditional listings of job opportunities, but you can also explore the ins and outs of (hundreds of) company offices and cultures. Here’s a look at the page The Muse created for Nike! Each company page includes current job opportunities, and links you directly to their company website to apply.

The advocate -- JOPWELL

If you haven’t heard about Jopwell yet, you need to learn about it! Jopwell is a career advancement platform for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals, connecting diverse talent to job opportunities and connecting companies to diverse talent. At least once a day, I review their job postings because their list of company partners is ALWAYS growing -- education, finance, tech, sports, nonprofits -- they have it. Full-time roles AND internships. The folks at Jopwell have also created company pages with tons of information on culture, mission, and vision. Here’s their page for Uncommon Schools, with a link to available jobs right at the top! (Psst, if you’re in NYC and interested in breaking into recruiting with a tech startup, Jopwell’s hiring!)

The sneak peek -- GLASSDOOR

Obviously Glassdoor is a must-visit prior to any phone or in-person interviews; however, it’s a great place to look for job opportunities as well. Why? Because along with the job description, you receive an estimated salary range, basic information on the company/organization/institution, internal employee ratings, external applicant interview reviews, AND additional details about the overall mission, vision, and culture. You get all this valuable info BEFORE venturing to their website for further exploration and submitting your application!

The newbie -- GOOGLE FOR JOBS

Google for Jobs is new to the game, but it’s packing all of Google’s search engine power. Think of it like the Kayak for jobs -- it pulls listings from all different job sites (including most of the major job sites!) and aggregates them in one spot just for you. You can search for AND apply for jobs directly via Google search! Type “Google for Jobs” into your Google search bar, then type in any job title, adjust your desired location(s), and get to browsing! Need some help exploring Google for Jobs? Check out this article from The Balance on the product’s features!

And that’s it! Am I missing one of your favorite websites to visit while you’re job searching? Tell me on Twitter!