how to organize your job search with trello

organize your job search with trello

Every year, “getting (and staying) organized” remains high on the list of New Year’s resolutions, and 2018 is no different. Whether you’re preparing to start a brand new job search or have been in the middle of one for the past few months, keeping track of all the moving parts (application deadlines, interviews, coffee chats, etc.) is just as important as building connections and submitting apps.

Knowing exactly where you’ve applied, who you’ve spoken to, and when you’ve interviewed for positions is key and also quite invaluable when you’re trying to take stock of how effective your job search has truly been. Creating a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets is always a helpful option; however, if you’re a visual person like me, a Trello board is amazing for getting a quick snapshot of where you are in your search. To help you keep this year’s resolution, I’ve sketched out some steps for using Trello to organize during your 2018 job search!


If you’re new to Trello, it’s a project management tool that organizes your projects into boards that can be personalized, and kept private or shared with individuals or teams. Here’s a brief overview: Trello has 3 basic components: BOARDS, LISTS, and CARDS. Think of boards as projects, lists as all of the various stages and/or components of a project, and cards as all of the tasks and ideas that would fall within one or any of these lists. For more in-depth info on Trello, check out Trello 101!

In this case, our project is a job search, our lists will be all the steps, stages, and components of the job search, and our cards will be companies & roles (and names of people if you decide to incorporate networking into your board). The beauty of Trello is that anything goes! It’s simple and flexible.

While there are many different ways to set up a Trello board for your job search, these are the 3 most useful ways i've discovered: 1) everything on one board, 2) boards by industry, and 3) boards by role/function. In this blog post, I’ll be walking you through the first option AND sharing my sample 2018 Job Search Trello board template!

Let’s get started!


I love this option because it’s a one-stop shop, and honestly, it’s the simplest way to see exactly where you are in the process for each role during your job search.

If you don’t already have a (FREE!) Trello account, click below to create one!

STEP 1: Create your job search board

Select a name for your board. For this demo, I named the board “2018 Job Search” -- short and sweet. Select a background color or image (you’ll be looking at this board a lot, so I recommend choosing a background color/image that you won’t mind seeing often).


STEP 2: Set up your lists

Your lists are completely up to you -- think of all the steps you’ll need to take in preparation for a job search and all of the potential stages/phases that happen during a job search. Some of the list names in my sample board: Preliminary Steps, Dream Companies, Career & Job Search Goals, Submitted Applications, Interviewing.


STEP 3: Add your cards + comments and/or files

Add as many cards as you’d like -- all cards can be easily moved throughout the board to represent your movement through the various stages of a recruiting process. Click on a card to add files, images, and comments. Your comments can include a link to the job description, company research, notes from interviews, etc. -- any information related to the position and/or interview process that you’d like to remember and have on hand.

P.s. A useful tip for your cards: when you’re in the interview process for one or more roles, update the card’s title to reflect the day and time of each interview. This is yet another way to use Trello to get a quick glance of the most important information related to your search.


STEP 4: Customize and use your labels

With Trello, you can add color-coded labels (with customized names!) to your cards. For example, let’s say you’re applying for roles in 2 different industries -- you can create a label for each industry, and label the cards with roles that fall within each industry (ANOTHER easy way to quickly see where you are in the process with multiple roles at one time.)


STEP 5: Get started!

You’re all set! Make creating and setting up your Trello board the first step of your 2018 job search -- you can even add it to your Preliminary Steps list!


As promised, here’s the sample board I’ve created just for you! Click the button below, make a copy of the board, switch your visibility setting to Private, and you’re ready to go!

It’s set up the way I’ve outlined it in this post, but you can feel free to customize it for you, your search, and your preferences!

Trello’s a simple, but powerful tool -- use it to keep your job search organized in 2018, and let me know how it works for you!