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12 questions to ask at the end of your interview

“Any questions?” -- an opportunity that too few candidates take advantage of to learn more about an employer and the role they’re hoping to get. Interviews are a two-way street: a chance for interviewers to learn about your background, skills, and experiences, and a chance for you to determine whether this role is the right fit for you. Also, asking thoughtful questions lets interviewers know that you’ve prepared and that you’re interested -- interested in learning more about them, more about the role, and more about the company.

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my least favorite interview question (+ how to answer it)

Without a doubt, “what’s your greatest weakness?” is an interview question I’ve never really liked, as a recruiter, a career coach, or a candidate. Most job seekers think it’s a trick question and have no clue how to prepare for it, and most interviewers don’t particularly know what they’re hoping to learn from the fluffy answers they typically receive.

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5 pieces of advice for graduating seniors seeking their first job (and professionals seeking their next one!)

It’s April...spring is (allegedly) here, and my schedule is packed. Filled to the brim with career coaching appointments with college seniors preparing to graduate next month, and FREAKING OUT about not having a full-time job yet. Some have career interests that are waaaaaay too narrow, some are open to anything and everything (so they say), and others have not submitted one application yet.

In my day job, I have the pleasure of coaching undergraduate business school students during the career exploration journey that is college. I’ve witnessed firsthand the ups and downs of the first full-time job search experience, and have also been able to gather and share helpful pieces of advice with seniors on the cusp of entering the so-called “real world.” Here are the 5 pieces of advice that I share most often with graduating seniors -- advice that job seeking professionals can absolutely use as well!

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what to do when you hate your job: a 3-step plan!

Do you hate your job? Well, you’re not alone. According to a 2017 Gallup poll, roughly 70% of American employees are either disengaged with their current role or find it to be a source of frustration rather than fulfillment.

So what should you do? I have an important bit of advice: If you can help it, don’t jump ship just yet! Be strategic about your next career move. In today’s post, I’ll talk through some initial steps you should take to search for and find a more fulfilling job when you realize that your current position is NOT for you.

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