prepare. practice. perfect.

property of createher stock.

property of createher stock.


interview prep.   $65

palms sweating just thinking about an interview? not sure what questions to ask in the final 5-10 minutes? preparing for your first formal interview? no clue what an interviewer just asked even though words definitely came out of their mouth?

sounds like it’s time for some interview prep!

in a 30-min chat (via phone or google hangout), we’ll talk about your previous experiences with interviews -- the highs and the lows, dig deeper to find out what interviewers REALLY want to know when they ask particular questions, run through behavioral interview questions and develop responses tailored to you, your background, experience, and skills, and craft a stockpile of questions that’ll showcase the research & practice you put in to prepare for each interview.

there are no such things as silly questions in an interview prep session! ask away, overcome lingering jitters & fears, and become a confident interviewer who no longer flinches at the dreaded “tell me about yourself.”

mock interview.   $85

is there a specific role that you’d like to prepare for?

after reviewing your resume + the role and the company/org where you’re interviewing, i’ll design a blend of questions and help you get your head in the game with a 30-min mock interview (via phone or google hangout) and debrief for 15-20mins. during our debrief, we’ll chat about what’s working, what’s not working, and how to make improvements.

when it comes to mastering the art of interviewing, along with research and prep, you have to practice. (yes, i’m talking bout practice!) practice builds confidence, and a mock interview will help you knock off any rust and more importantly, allow you to make mistakes in a no-stakes environment, and learn how to craft genuine, authentic responses that display your expertise AND your personality.