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property of createher stock.

property of createher stock.


resume review.   $65

it’s time to get in the weeds! a 30-min conversation (via phone or google hangout) where we discuss your resume in detail -- walking through it line-by-line, strategizing about content and format changes, and brainstorming language for edits and updates.

psst: scheduling a resume review session after receiving your critiqued resume is a great way to add some oomph to our chat! from my edits, you’ll see exactly how your resume is currently being viewed, and you’ll be ready to walk into our session with tons of questions and ideas about updating and upgrading your resume for your roles and companies of interest.



cover letter review.   $45

have a cover letter that you’re feeling a little (read: very) meh about, but no clue how to improve it? during our 30-min chat (via phone or google hangout), we’ll talk through each line of your current cover letter to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

i’ll provide guidance on how to craft a strong outline and we’ll figure out how to get your passion and excitement about the roles you’re applying for down on ONE page. you’ll learn how to write a letter that gets not just recruiters and hiring managers energized and excited about your skill set, but you too!



linkedin profile review.   $55

linkedin is constantly changing and evolving as both a job search tool and social media platform, and job seekers need to keep up! i love me some linkedin, so guess what?  during our 30-min session (via phone or google hangout), we'll discuss the current status of your profile, from the photo all the way down to interests.

if you're new to linkedin, this is a great opportunity to
learn how to set up your profile, build professional connections, search for job opportunities, and maximize the platform in your job search and your professional life.



resume + cover letter review.   $100

the full monty! in our 1hr session (via phone or google hangout), we’ll review every line of your resume and cover letter -- digging deep into both documents, and finding ways to create harmony and synchronicity between the two. important things to keep in mind: a) your resume is an advertisement not an autobiography, and b) your cover letter is not, i repeat: IS NOT, the letter form of your resume.

during our chat, we’ll determine what examples from your resume you can expand upon within your cover letter to provide recruiters & hiring managers with helpful and necessary context about your skills and expertise. this is another great option if you’re looking to assess and overhaul your docs in preparation for a job search!

another psst: in combination with the resume + cover letter critique, you’ll truly maximize the session! we’ll be able to walk through all of the recommendations i outline in your critique and develop the language and format that will allow your docs to tell an accurate, appealing story of who you are and what you’ve done.



resume + linkedin profile review.   $110

your resume and linkedin profile need to be in sync. during our 1hr chat (via phone or google hangout), we’ll thoroughly review your resume, content and format, AND walk through every single aspect of your linkedin profile, from your photo all the way down to your interests, as well as your level and type of engagement with the platform more broadly.

do you have a linkedin profile? do you know what linkedin is and how it can be used during your job search? if you’re starting from square one with linkedin, this is your chance to take all of the recommendations that we develop for your resume, and learn how to creatively expand upon them in your new linkedin profile!