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property of createher stock.

property of createher stock.


job search strategy.   $65

looking for a new role can be a daunting, overwhelming, and frustrating process...completing and submitting lengthy applications, waiting to hear from recruiters, figuring out where to even find positions that look interesting. our 30-min chat (via phone or google hangout) will shift your attention to the things you can change within your job search!

together, we’ll talk through and clarify your interests, assess what stage of the job search you’re currently in, explore options that you may not have considered (companies AND industries), create your intentional & targeted strategy, and determine your short-term plan of attack.

if you’re just beginning to look for something new, we’ll determine the state of your resume, examine the current trends in your industries of interest, and figure out how to utilize digital & social media tools as well as networking to craft a strong 3-4 month strategy.

if you’re already in the middle of a search, we’ll debrief on how it’s been going, and figure out next steps to build momentum and land a role within the next 1-3 months (or hopefully sooner!).

networking strategy.   $60

while networking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s definitely mine, and i love sharing my most successful tips! during our 30-min session (via phone or google hangout), we’ll dig deeper into your career interests and networking goals, chat about who you should be connecting with and how, and walk through some clever ways to connect with individuals within and outside of your current network. i’ll even share some of the language that i’ve used in cold emails that have led to fruitful responses from complete strangers!

if you’re building a network from scratch, let’s get to work! together, we’ll refine your story and build up your confidence as you prepare to send out those first few emails and linkedin messages.

negotiation strategy.   $70

it’s no secret that negotiating is difficult. in our 30-min conversation (via phone or google hangout), i’ll use my expertise in successful, empathetic negotiation, as an employer and a candidate, to help you create your negotiating toolkit. we’ll talk through what you’re hoping to negotiate for, the research & prep that you’ve done thus far, and develop the language that you’ll use during negotiations.

whether you’re in the middle of an offer process or salary negotiation, looking to earn a promotion, or just hoping to become more comfortable as a negotiator, this is a great opportunity to talk through your hopes & fears, remind yourself of your strengths, talents, and skills, and most importantly, build up your confidence!